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Why is On-Set Psychological support crucial to the mental wellbeing in Film, T.V. & Music Industry?

There has become an increasing demand for wellbeing support on-set as producers, actors and artists battle to deal with the many conflicts that arise.

How do we cope in an environment dealing with challenging scripts, long hours and multiple personalities on-set?

The answer is "we don't." We often hear of the dramas, high emotions, fallouts and crises on-set that can lead to long-term mental health.

At A.O.T.C. ( ArtistsOnTheCouch), we provide P.I.S.A. Prevention, Intervention, Support & Aftercare with specialist psychological consultants on-set and ON CALL.

The environment on set can quickly become that of 'The family', which requires a therapist to intervene and support all members with their emotional challenges. Scenes can be violent, sexual, or racial, and support is necessary to ensure that the passionate feelings on-set are contained and worked through.

Can it be left down to the producers or managers to provide psychological support for the crew?

The answer is "no" the industry needs to call upon services like A.O.T.C. to step in and provide specialist support.

Should there be mental health first aid available on set at all times?

Yes, A.O.T.C can reassure production companies and labels seeking this support and training by providing a psychological consultant on call to support any issues that arise. This specialised service results in a safe, productive environment for actors, artists and crew.

Who should be providing this support?

A.O.T.C. have a team of B.A.C.P. and B.P.C. registered Psychologists and Psychotherapists who specialise in the Film, T.V. and Music Industry. The challenges and interventions needed on-set are unique and require professionals who understand the nature of the industry.

Michelle Brown

Psychological Consultant A.O.T.C


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